Boy at 1
Baby Boy

This project combined the two photos
on the left and right. Even though they are now a couple, in reality, these children wouldn't meet for quite a few years!

The young couple
Young Girl

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to see the original
Ireland Group

So, who were we missing?

On a family trip to Ireland we had a good group photograph
but a couple of our group were left out... until now!

To highlight the image as a picture from Ireland
I created a composit by adding a couple of other photos from the trip.

Lisemore Castle
There were some problems that both the original and the castle photo shared. Because it was an overcast daythe sky appears washed out. In addition, the photo of the castle was pretty dark, lacking definition. With some adjustments to the clouds, I was able to highlight the properties that the pictures contained, as well as, add color and contrast to the castle and trees.
Ireland Composite

Video Footage Offers A Lot Of Creative Potential

My wife Patti and I are avid divers. On a recent trip to Hawaii our boat was surrounded by hundreds of dolphin, both spinners and bottlenose. We would have loved to jump in and swim with them, but as yet, it hasn't happened. So for this photo, I edited an underwater video frame of us diving with a photo of some dolphins.
Diving with dolphins

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